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In addition to writing a weekly Substack newsletter for Moore's Lore Media,

plus treatments and scripts for Pretty Neat Productions, I write and publish short stories too.

Virtually Innocent

Alex can make anyone appear to say or do anything using his prodigious CGI skills but when Holly pushes him to go further he is forced to confront the sickening real life implications of his virtual creations. A Black Mirror-esque short story about the increasingly thin boundary between our virtual and physical behaviour, available on Kindle now.

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Analog Boy

As middle-aged ad exec Cameron becomes disillusioned with his work he develops an obsession with Gen Z YouTuber 'Analog Boy' who appears to be living the "off-grid" life Cameron dreams of. However, when Cameron tries to track him down he discovers all is not as it appears and is forced to wonder; is this the real life or is this just advertising?  Another short story about the end-game of media and technology.

Coming soon.


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