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Acting, Hosting & Voice Overs

I'm a caucasian British male, born in 1979, 176cm tall with a dad bod!  I can sing and play guitar, I'm capable of a range of accents but I'm best known for well-spoken, approachable and intelligent sounding reads.

Acting Showreel

Bringing technique to the table in the service of your story.

Voice Over Showreel

Investing brands with character and characters with life.

Hosting Showreel (Coming Soon)

Creating chemistry and keeping conversations flowing.


“Neal is one of the rare talents who can immediately understand what a client wants and then deliver a read that’s almost perfect on the first take. He has an innate understanding of the collaborative process and always puts a smile on a client’s face by the end of a session.”

Kenn Delbridge, Founder, Splice Studios


+65 8428 1560



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