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POEM: A Timeless Space

Updated: Feb 14

Recently I have been listening to the excellent Frank Skinner’s Poetry Podcast (on all the usual platforms), which put me in a lyrical frame of mind resulting in this ode to Changi Airport, which I miss as much as any part of the travelling experience.

A Timeless Space

White calm, scented air,

Strangely silent, strangely bare.

Vast hall, sculpted dream,

Gentle movement, hypnotic stream.

Sign board, short queue,

Warm smile, straight through.

Long hug, brief tear,

Final wave, disappear.

Air side, all alone,

Free at last, until back home.

Not here, not yet there,

A timeless space; no when, no where.

I've only written two poems in adulthood so here's the second one, entitled Adulthood:


Eat, but don’t get fat.

Drink, but don’t get drunk.

Play, but not too hard.

Think, but not too deep.

Feel, but don’t express.

Speak, but please don’t shout.

Love, but not in public.


And whatever you do, never, EVER smoke!

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