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2023: Evolutions Not Resolutions

For me, and for many of us in East Asia, the new year doesn't really begin until after the lunar new year because there's little point resolving to eat and drink less or be more productive when another eating and drinking festival follows only four weeks (usually) behind NYE. But, the lunar new year is finally over and I have no more excuses to avoid becoming the new me. Except this year I am not aiming for a new me, jus a slightly enhanced one, because there is nothing drastically wrong with the old me.

Like most people I have mellowed as I have matured and dropped most of my destructive habits along the way. There is nothing I need to stop or to start doing, there are just some things I could do a bit more of and other things I could do a bit less of. I call these small, gradual upgrades evolutions not resolutions and find they are easier to stick to precisely because they are not 180 degree about turns, just slight course corrections along the same route. Here they are...

My 2023 Evolutions

  • Maintain my gym and badminton routine but add regular walks and bike rides too (for the fresh air and nature)

  • Cut carbs and booze further, to just one day a week

  • Default to writing, especially in the mornings

  • Default to reading, especially in the evenings

  • Take fewer meetings

  • Empower team more

  • Tackle everything head on and in the moment, don't delay or procrastinate, it only makes things worse.

  • Try to be less emotional and more disciplined

  • Try to keep work between 9.30am and 5.30pm (bed by 10pm)

And just one hard and fast rule, which is to delete Facebook & IG from my phone ✅

Right, gonna leave that there for some future accountability and get back to cancelling more meetings!

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