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Consume less, create more.


My name is Neal Moore and that, above, is my motto. It is also my business.

Professionally, I create at Moore's Lore Media and Voice Over SG. 

Here, I create for fun/art/therapy.


Is This The Real Life? Is This Just Fantasy?

What makes a life worth living? Does it even matter if we're only here for a brief moment? What if we're not even here at all?

Do You Have That One Song?

Do you ever hear a song that takes you back to a particular moment in time? I don’t mean to a summer or a Christmas or something vague. ...

Is Acceptance Just A Good Spin On Giving In?

I had a row with my mum a few weeks ago. I shouldn't have but I was frustrated, like all of us, by masks and lockdowns and a lack of...

Who Are You When You're Not Working?

If you are reading this in the future the date is Thursday 1st July 2021, the first day of the 17th month of the global coronavirus...

How To Avoid A Mid-Life Career Crisis

As someone prone to erring on the darker side of life, here's how I prevented a full blown mid-life career crisis.